BPM 2018
   Sydney, Australia. September 9-14, 2018


Accepted Demos

The accepted demo papers of the 16th International Conference on Business Process Management (BPM 2018) are:

  • A Tool for Generating Event Logs from Multi-Perspective Declare Models.
    Vasyl Skydanienko, Chiara Di Francescomarino, Chiara Ghidini and Fabrizio Maria Maggi

  • A Tool for the Uniqueification of DMN Decision Tables
    Kimon Batoulis and Mathias Weske

  • A Tool to Monitor Consistent Decision-Making in Business Process Execution
    Carl Corea and Patrick Delfmann

  • BCIT: A Tool for Analyzing the Interactions between Business Process Compliance and Business Process Change
    Tobias Seyffarth and Kai Raschke

  • CoPMod: Support for Construction Process Modeling
    Elisa Marengo, Werner Nutt and Matthias Perktold

  • Event-based Process Simulation of Operating Resources in Assembly Workflows
    Philipp Staudt, Sönke Knoch and Daniel Porta

  • Lorikeet: A Model-Driven Engineering Tool for Blockchain-Based Business Process Execution and Asset Management
    An Binh Tran, Qinghua Lu and Ingo Weber

  • MIDA: Multiple Instances and Data Animator
    Favio Corradini, Chiara Muzi, Barbara Re, Lorenzo Rossi and Francesco Tiezzi

  • OpyenXES: A Complete Python Library for the eXtensible Event Stream Standard
    Hernan Valdivieso, Wai Lam Jonathan Lee, Jorge Munoz-Gama and Marcos Sepúlveda

  • The Model Judge - A Tool for Supporting Novices in Learning Process Modeling
    Luis Delicado, Josep Sànchez-Ferreres, Josep Carmona and Lluís Padró

  • The Performance Spectrum Miner: Visual Analytics for Fine-Grained Performance Analysis of Processes
    Vadim Denisov, Elena Belkina, Dirk Fahland and Wil M.P. van der Aalst

  • The Process Yellow Marker: From Texts to Declarative Processes and Back
    Hugo A. López, Søren Debois, Thomas Hildebrandt and Morten Marquard

  • WoPeD goes NLP: Conversion between Workflow Nets and Natural Language
    Thomas Freytag and Philip Allgaier