BPM 2018
   Sydney, Australia. September 9-14, 2018


BPM Industry Program - Thursday September 13th

09h00-09h10   Opening
09h10-10h30   Keynote Talk
    Bringing Middleware to Everyday Developers with Ballerina
Sanjiva Weerawarana
10h30-11h00   Morning Break
11h00-12h30   Session 1 - BPM Industry Papers (Session chair: Stefanie Rinderle-Ma)
    The next threshold in high performance with Robotic Process Automation
Amberjit Endow, Deloitte
Bridging the gap between the use of SAP ERP and BPM
Markus Grube
Dynamic Evaluation Forms using Declarative Modeling
Rasmus Strømsted, Søren Debois, Hugo A. López and Morten Marquard
12h30-14h00   Lunch Break
14h00-15h30   Session 2 - BPM Practitioners (Session chair: Amin Beheshti)
    Process Improvement and Automation using Australia’s New Payments Platform
Mike Baldwin - Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Sydney, Australia
Item tracking and supply chain provenance using blockchain
Marek Gorski, Christian Kirschenpfadt, Juan Deniz, Markus Strazds and Morgan Lean - Laava ID, Sydney, Australia
Ingo Weber, Qinghua Lu, and An Binh Tran - Data61, CSIRO, Sydney, Australia
Using Cognitive Technology for the Self Driving Enterprise
Rajeev Mitroo, Area Technology
15h30-16h00   Afternoon Break
16h00-18h00   Session 3 - BPM Industry Papers (Session chair: Manfred Reichert)
    Process Mining and Robotic Process Automation: A Perfect Match
Jerome Geyer-Klingeberg, Janina Nakladal, Fabian Baldauf and Fabian Veit
Supporting Business Rule Management with Inconsistency Analysis
Carl Corea and Patrick Delfmann
Process Mining for Business Process Standardization in ERP Implementation Projects – An SAP S/4 HANA Case Study from Manufacturing
Christian Fleig, Dominik Augenstein and Alexander Maedche
How to Handle a Massive Change: Guidance on a Process Improvement Project, Our Journey to Excellence
Zeynep Ozturk and Pinar Bakal
centurio.work - Modular Secure Manufacturing Orchestration
Florian Pauker, Juergen Mangler, Stefanie Rinderle-Ma and Christoph Pollak


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